The Minimalist Set

Set Includes:

  • 1 Full Sized Replica Five Inch (Projectile) with an internally housed glassware set consisting of:
  • 1 Glass decanter and 2 Rocks Glasses 

You can now own a piece of military perfection from the legendary MK 42 and MK45 Five-inch gun! Built from the ground up by Gunbusters Inc, completely inert and safe. Able to be shipped nearly anywhere in the world!

  • Full-sized replicas stand a massive 26 Inches tall!
  • Like found on a modern naval ship with the Mk-45 Five Inch Gun.
  • Based on an Mk160 All up round with an MK-407 Mod 1 HEPD-D Fuse.
  • The markings are accurate and have been slightly altered to reflect it being a replica item.

 FAQ: the difference between the Hybrid set and the Minimalist Set is the glasses.  The Hybrid Set includes the rocks glasses with the embedded bullets.  The glasses in the Minimalist set do not have bullets.




    Customer Reviews

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    The Gerb
    The Gerbinator Experience

    The set looks amazing, the detail work on the glassware is outstanding.

    I only have one thing that could make it better, on the projectile itself (for the people like me; the MK 86 Technicians) be able to replace MK 160 MOD 0 with MK 86 MOD 9 or one of the other various mods the system had. I understand that at the time I ordered the set this was not available, but if it can be implemented I would purchase another in a heartbeat.

    Thank you for your time and patience.

    Paul Morin
    What a fantastic gift

    My wife enjoyed it and is putting it in her office .

    Daniel Cook
    As advertised

    Great looking product, love how easy it was to assemble.

    David Dalbey
    Worth The Wait!!

    Due to material shortages and Covid it took just shy of 6 weeks to receive. The Wait WAS WELL Worth IT!! I served on a Destroyer in the Mid 70's that had 5 inch Deck Guns. Mine were the 5 Inch 38 Caliber and this Replica is 5 Inch 54 Caliber but none the less it's very close to the shells I remember handling 46 years ago. The quality is Top Notch and if you order one, you will be just as happy as I am to make this the center piece of your display.

    Tim Grimes

    I received the package and had to kind go over the website photos to figure out where the glasses and decanter went.... it once I figured it out; it all came together and I love it, will be ordering another one to send to my son who’s on active duty in the Army

    rickey hicks
    extremely happy

    i am very impressed with quality of the shell and the glass wear

    James Miller
    Veteran MK160 Fire Controlmen and this was AMAZING!!!

    Hands down the most amazing gift and even got one for my close friend and now Chief and he loves it as well!!! Have it on display with a few empty charge casings to make it a conversation piece in my home!!!! Gunbusters out did themself with this creation!!!

    Brian Ski
    Fantastic product and service

    Gunbusters really came through with the Minimalist set I purchased. The quality and finish are awesome. This is a set anyone would be proud to display. What a conversation piece! Thanks Gunbusters Team for everything! This is a gift for a friend and I know he will be over the top impressed. May your company and employees be blessed for years to come.

    francine titelius
    Great gift!

    Beautifully handcrafted! My husband absolutely loved it. Great gift for any veteran!! Excellent customer service

    John Ross

    -The Minimalist- Five Inch Display with Glassware.

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