About Us

When ordinary, just isn't good enough!

GunBusters Inc was born of a desire to offer gifts for military personnel or enthusiasts with a high focus on authenticity.  We saw that the replica projectile market was full of overpriced, poor copies and we wanted to change that!

Anyone interested in military memorabilia, or who has worked with these guns is sure to know authenticity when they see it, but when ordering online it’s easy to be fooled.  Those looking for the perfect gift for their loved one could end up purchasing something sub-standard, leaving the recipient disappointed, knowing it’s not even close to the real thing.  We wanted to make something that they would be delighted to receive.

After years of development, designing, tweaking and endless prototypes we know we’ve perfected the real deal.  Our founder even travelled over 4,000 miles to collect a real cartridge on which all our designs are based.  Authenticity is a big deal for us, so you can be sure your gift set has been created with absolute perfection in mind.

We proudly teamed up with Benshot (www.benshot.com) to supply us with 100% American made glassware to complete our gift sets with fully personalizable glassware – making these the most awesome bar displays ever made!  Benshot are a father & son team also based in Wisconsin making bulletproof glass barware. 

Our authentic replica military projectiles and unique glassware sets make a truly thoughtful gift, or they’re the perfect way of commemorating your time in the service – why not treat yourself? We can ship to almost anywhere in the world & will update you with the progress of your order. 

Contact us at any time and a member of the team will be able to answer all your questions for you!

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A word from our founder

Gun Busters is a labour of love for me, and the result of much hard work & dedication.  Since discharging from the armed services, I retrained as a Marine Engineer working in the oil and gas sector, initially working on large ships before moving on to work on private super yachts. I was proud of my time in the military & the system I worked on and I was looking for a way to commemorate that.  I decided I wanted to have my own projectile to match one of the many brass cartridges expended from the gun firing serials I participated in, so I got working!

With my down time in between rotations away I started developing my idea of a high quality replica of the 5-inch projectile to display in my home.  I had no idea what a journey that first step would take me on & quickly became lost in the seemingly endless process I had begun. For the first product, I painstakingly taught myself how to use AutoCAD (A 3D designing software) so I could start the design process. My very first prototype was a 3D printed version of a drawing I found online for a naval ballistics study, after a bit of sanding and painting, the very first prototype was complete! Initially this was solely for my own collection purpose.  But when I showed my friends, ex and currently serving; they immediately wanted one! I started thinking perhaps I wasn’t the only one who appreciated the beauty of these pieces.

What got to me however, is it wasn’t perfect! If I was going to do this, then I wanted it to look exactly like a real one! Being a perfectionist, I wanted to provide people a product worth displaying and bragging about, not a substandard 3D print. The search for perfection lead me on to the next stage of my journey – an overseas adventure!

To perfect this replica projectile, I had to find a real projectile to study and after scouring the globe I finally found one for sale in Germany, I purchased it and was on the next plane over! With my real projectile in hand I had a team of specialist engineers analyse and study the round (having it measured to a tolerance of less than 20 microns!) This process of studying, re-designing led to many more months of prototyping until I was finally happy with my multi-part assembly that would ensure that every customer would be delivered the perfect display piece to show off their proud service history! From concept to finished product I spent 2 years and every cent I had to start the production line.  I couldn’t be prouder of the most authentic replicas available and I hope you enjoy them too.


(Left: Original projectile with first fuse type and adapter)

(Right: The original prototype!)

(26 more versions were to follow before the final product was launched!)