The Minimalist Set

Set Includes:

  • 1 Full Sized Replica Five Inch (Projectile) with an internally housed glassware set consisting of:
  • 1 Glass decanter and 2 Rocks Glasses 

You can now own a piece of military perfection from the legendary MK 42 and MK45 Five-inch gun! Built from the ground up by Gunbusters Inc, completely inert and safe. Able to be shipped nearly anywhere in the world!

  • Full-sized replicas stand a massive 26 Inches tall!
  • Like found on a modern naval ship with the Mk-45 Five Inch Gun.
  • Based on an Mk160 All up round with an MK-407 Mod 1 HEPD-D Fuse.
  • The markings are accurate and have been slightly altered to reflect it being a replica item.

 FAQ: the difference between the Hybrid set and the Minimalist Set is the glasses.  The Hybrid Set includes the rocks glasses with the embedded bullets.  The glasses in the Minimalist set do not have bullets.




    Customer Reviews

    Based on 43 reviews
    Great gift!

    Beautifully handcrafted! My husband absolutely loved it. Great gift for any veteran!! Excellent customer service


    -The Minimalist- Five Inch Display with Glassware.


    Got mine a few days ago as a Xmas gift for my father. The gift got here in time for Xmas. I naturally had to put it together to test it out prior to wrapping it up. It looks amazing, everything fits perfect. And looking at shipping time stamps the label was created by the Gunbusters crew at 2351. So these guys are staying up late to make and get the product out. Thanks again for this great item!!

    Freaking great ....

    Good stuff. They worked with me to personalize the order. Looks great. My gun bunny little brother loved it.


    I purchased this for my son , he was in the navy for 5 years , he absolutely loved it !
    Great workmanship ! The piece is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much !

    De canter

    Amazing product! Everyone is jealous when they see it.

    Love it

    Great quality and presentation!

    Great product well put together, just wish is came with some instructions

    Received the 5" shell as a surprise early Christmas gift. Very detail, well put together and very cool gift. Only "issue" I had was there was no instructions on how to assemble and as a Marine we need those sort of things :) also took a bit to find the second glass but very well packed.. Had a little fun with filters on the pic.

    Amazing attention to detail and fantastic customer service

    Our office purchased the Minimalist Set as an end of tour gift for a Chief Petty Officer in our shop. The Navy decided to drop his orders at the last minute, so we had to scramble to find an appropriate gift for him. One of our officers suggested Gunbusters. They were very responsive to messages and emails, and worked with us to deliver an amazing set days ahead of schedule.

    The set looks pretty cool on the website, but we were genuinely blown away seeing it in real life. First off, it's way bigger in the flesh than the pictures suggest which makes it a very visually stunning piece. Our officers were absolutely raving about the attention to detail (particularly the fuse). The etching on the bottle and glasses was perfect.

    Overall, we had a great experience with Gunbusters both from a quality of product and a customer service perspective. Legitimately top notch, and well worth the price. We'd absolutely buy from them again, and highly recommend them to anyone else looking for a kick-ass replica warhead that just so happens to house a custom bar set.

    Few admin notes:
    The whole set was beautifully wrapped for transport. When you're buying glassware as a gift, the obvious concern is breakage and the second is a typo on the name or something. But everything was flawless on arrival. Kudos.

    This is a modular set. The fit and finish of the parts were excellent. We were nervous about cross-threading while putting it together, but had no issues. The assembly itself is pretty intuitive, but I'm sure the less mechanically inclined may appreciate a diagram to walk them through it. Just a suggestion.

    Buddy's Gift

    Got this for my marine buddy as a gift and he loved it. Gunbusters did a great job and got it out in time for the surprise party.

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