The Hybrid Set

  • Set includes:
    • 1 Full Sized 127MM Replica Five Inch projectile with an internally housed glassware set consisting of:
    • 1 Glass decanter 
    • 2 Rocks Glasses with embedded .308 Bullets

    You can now own a piece of military perfection from the legendary MK 42 and MK45 Five-inch gun! Built from the ground up by Gunbusters Inc, completely inert and safe. Able to be shipped nearly anywhere in the world!

    • Full-sized replicas stand a massive 26 Inches tall!
    • Like found on a modern naval ship with the Mk-45 Five Inch Gun.
    • Based on an Mk160 All-up round with an MK-407 Mod 1 HEPD-D Fuse.
    • The markings are accurate and have been slightly altered to reflect it being a replica item.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Beautiful product, beware when opening

    As for the products themselves, they are stunning and better than expected, the glasses are pristine and the bottles are top notch. That said, they are really snug, particularly the glass in the bottom. They are really well sealed in there taking quite a bit of force to get out. If you can take it out over carpet as when mine did finally come out it kind of flew across the room and shattered on the wood floor. (Glad I got two) Overall an amazing product, great amount of communication and attention to detail. The group was very responsive and I have nothing but love for this company. I look forward to seeing what else they push out in the future.

    Hybrid set

    Amazing product. Very realistic looking. Extremely happy. I fired hundreds of these rounds during my time in the navy. Recomend offering newer fuze types since the navy is switching to MFF and MOFN fuzes. If you need info on these feel free to contact me.

    Gift of a lifetime

    Although there was quite the delay, it’s worth the wait. A non military friend of mine couldn’t believe how cool it is. And being a veteran myself, seeing a veteran with a business will ALWAYS get my support.

    Totally Amazing

    Glenn sent me a totally amazing set, and handled the UPS shipping delays like a pro. The 5" Shell is really an exact copy and is the coolest decanter I have ever seen. Would recommend Gunbusters to anyone.

    Well worth the wait!!!!

    Love my set... well worth the wait and it keeps my 105mm shell company... with added refreshment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE IT!!!


    I was a 5 inch gutters made in the Navy for the last 10 years of my career. You could not have gotten any closer in appearance to a 5 inch PD/PDD round without getting a real one. I will definitely be doing a video on both my YouTube and channels

    Fantastic Product

    I ordered it during the preorder phase on my 2019 deployment, got to talking to Glenn about customizing, and it was all so easy. I was kept up to date with everything going on from moves and issues in producing them. It was honestly great! Sadly it was delivered on my 2020 deployment so the only issue was i had to wait. When i finally saw it, i was blown away! Looks just like a projo from deep mag, very well made and put together!

    Purchased (2)

    Couldn’t be happier. Looks amazing and great quality. Will definitely send everyone I know your way


    It looks great


    A really excellent product.

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